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My vision

Welcome to The Soap Room
 Thank you for visiting The Soap Room, your home for plant-based skin-care products.
 I have a simple philosophy - looking after your health, and the health of the planet - is mutually beneficial.
 As a child growing up in Italy, I always had a deep connection to the earth. We lived on fresh produce, bought in the local market. Not only was it the healthy choice, it was delicious, seasonal and environmentally sustainable.
 Now living in Galway, Ireland, I bring that same sensibility to the natural skin-care products I create. I source the best natural ingredients, organic where possible, and by using traditional methods, create skin-care products which will nourish your skin, make you feel healthier and happier, while keeping a deep connection to the earth.
 For thousands of years people have been making skin-care products using traditional methods with natural products. Only recently have soaps and creams become mass-produced items full of chemicals, which may not be suited to your skin.
 By switching to our skin-care products, you will be doing your skin - and the world - a favour. All our skin-care products are free from alcohol, palm oil, mineral oils or paraffins, parabens and fragrances. Also, we don’t test our products on animals.
 Here’s to healthy skin, and a happier world.